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Vikings at the Museum of Civilization

May 17, Syttende Mai, is Constitution Day in Norway. To celebrate, our resident Norseman Todd Moe toured the new Vikings exhibit at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Hull, Quebec, and chatted with two Norwegian experts on Viking culture. Listen (13:57)

The exhibit includes more than 300 artifacts from 9 countries, including
a reproduction of a Viking longship. The "Mjøsen Lange" was built on the west coast of Norway in 1995, using traditional Viking techniques. The pine-planks boat is suited for both rowing and sailing. Ebbe Horneman, one of the ship's crewmembers, chats with Todd Moe about Viking voyages. Listen (1:59)

Sigrid Kaland is one of 15 curators from around the world who worked on the latest Vikings exhibit. Todd Moe asks her about the Jelling Stone replica, at the entrance to the museum exhibit. Listen (2:36)

Jelling Stone: King Harald Bluetooth ordered this monument to be made
in memory of Gorm his father, and Thyre his mother. The actual stone, nearly 8 feet high, weighs 10 tons.

Left: Ranvaig's Casket. The most famous piece of Viking loot is this copper and enameled box, which was taken from a Scottish (or Pictish) church. It was then given to a woman in Norway, who carved on the bottom in runes, “Ranvaig owns this.”

Canadian Museum of Civilization Vikings Exhibit