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Fort Ticonderoga's Grand Encampment

Try a little martial mood music while you view this page. Listen…

Fort Ticonderoga's annual "grand encampment" is where stories of the French and Indian War and the Revolution come to life amid the sounds of fifes, drums and cannon fire. Todd Moe reports. Listen….

Above: Reenacting the 1758 Battle of Fort Carillon (Ticonderoga), "British" Redcoats attack "French" and "Indian" lines in the field between the fort and the lake.

Right: NCPR's Russ and Kelly Jacoby model their eighteenth-century attire, before a French colonial flag in the encampment.

The role of women in eighteenth-century battle: Todd Moe talks with reenactor Nancy Ballance. Listen…

Morristown tailor Dave Murray specializes in eighteenth and nineteenth-century clothing. Todd Moe visits him to be fitted with a tail coat. Listen…

Above: Kelly and Russ with other Ogdensgurg, NY and Canton, NY area reenactors.

Left: Russ Jacoby, steeling himself for battle.

Below:Garrison of "French" troops muster to defend Fort Carillon--the name by which the French called Fort Ticonderoga when they held the area during the French and Indian Wars.