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A love of little known songs

Crane School of Music tenor Donald George tells Todd Moe why he chose to record the music of Boston composer Margaret Lang, who was the first woman to have had her music performed by a major American orchestra. She wrote more than 130 songs during the early 20th century. Though much of her music was popular during her lifetime, Lang was her own toughest critic, sometimes destroying pieces she did not feel confident of. Donald George and pianist Lucy Mauro have spent the last few years researching Lang's life and reviving an interest in her nearly forgotten music.  Go to full article
TAUNY hosts a caroling party on Friday starting at 3 pm.
TAUNY hosts a caroling party on Friday starting at 3 pm.

The evolution of Christmas caroling

Songs celebrating midwinter, the solstice and Christmas have been sung for centuries. Caroling, or groups of singers moving from house to house during the Holidays, probably began in England, France and Germany in the 15th century. But what about the various forms it takes in America today? Caroling was popular in the Victorian era. What motivates people to bundle-up and sing outdoors in December today? Todd Moe talks with Traditional Arts in Upstate New York staff folklorist Hannah Harvester about the history and evolution of caroling in the U.S. She'll give a lecture about her master's degree thesis "Why These Songs of Happy Cheer?" at TAUNY in Canton tonight at 7 o'clock.  Go to full article

The stories behind popular Holiday songs

Christmas-themed shows have opened on Broadway, and just check out the shelves of local retailers and you'll know the Holiday season is here. A time of gift giving, good cheer and music. Chris Kenney grew up in Clayton and studied music and history at St. Lawrence University.

The stories behind those popular Christmas carols and winter songs, like Jingle Bells and White Christmas, are his passion. Todd Moe spoke with Kenney about a lecture/performance he'll present Wednesday at 8 pm in Peterson-Kermani Performance Hall at St. Lawrence. He'll trace the history, composer biographies and social implications of many Holiday songs.  Go to full article

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