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A first taste of ice on the Mountfest climbing wall
A first taste of ice on the Mountfest climbing wall

Keene's Mountainfest revels in cold and ice

The cold snap that swept the North Country the last couple of weeks has caused a lot of grumbling. But for organizers of "Mountainfest" in Keene, the frosty temperatures and deep snow made for perfect conditions. Now in its thirteenth year, the gathering offered workshops and introductory classes over the weekend in mountaineering and backcountry skiing. Brian Mann sent this audio postcard.  Go to full article

Heard Up North: A first autumn ski in the Adirondacks

As we push deeper into November, snow is creeping back into the forecast. Just after last month's big dump of snow, Brian Mann and his wife Susan Waters snuck out for a quick backwoods ski near Saranac Lake. For today's Heard Up North, Brian sent this audio postcard from an autumn outing in the Adirondacks.  Go to full article
Antique postcards offer glimpse of Adirondack lives (Source:  Collector Jon Kopp)
Antique postcards offer glimpse of Adirondack lives (Source: Collector Jon Kopp)

Postcards from the North Country's past

Historians studying the North Country find a lot of different ways to capture glimpses of the past. Jon Kopp, a former state forester who owns an antique store in Tupper Lake, has set out to collect thousands of vintage postcards. The cards were made by professional photographers like Seneca Ray Stoddard and Henry Beech. Their images of the Adirondacks were sent all over the world. Jon Kopp talked about his collection with Brian Mann.  Go to full article
Waymarkers in the forest (Photos:  Brian Mann)
Waymarkers in the forest (Photos: Brian Mann)

Solitude on the trail to Raquette Falls

The High Peaks offer some of the most dramatic and scenic back country skiing in the Northeast. But trails on the eastern side can be crowded, even a little congested, especially on busy holiday weekends. Brian Mann went for a solitary ski recently on the western side of the High Peaks, making the 8-mile round trip to Raquette Falls near Tupper Lake. Here's Brian's audio postcard.  Go to full article
Trail to Bald Peak
Trail to Bald Peak

Up through clouds to summer on Bald Peak

Winter has finally arrived in the North Country, bringing enough snow that ski areas have opened in the Adirondacks and the Green Mountains. Just before the snow began to fly, Brian Mann went for an Indian Summer hike in the Giant Mountain Wilderness. He sent this postcard from Bald Peak.  Go to full article
Sara on the trail
Sara on the trail

Rainy day (with dog) on Mt. Frederica

The Whitney Wilderness Area near Tupper Lake is the hub for a growing network of popular canoe routes. But the region's logging roads and trails also offer a lot for hikers and hunters to explore. A couple of weeks ago, Brian Mann spent the day on the shore of Lake Lila and climbed Mount Frederica. He sent this audio postcard.

NOTE: Later this week, on Thanksgiving morning, we'll revisit a paddling trip to Rock Pond in the Whitney Wilderness.  Go to full article
Prairie Smoke in bloom on the Chaumont Barrens
Prairie Smoke in bloom on the Chaumont Barrens

Chaumont Barrens: The North Country's Prairie

If you're looking for a unique hike in the North Country, try this. Tucked in the northwest corner of Jefferson County, just inland from Lake Ontario, there's an area that's more North Dakota prairie than northern New York forest. It's called the Chaumont Barrens. It's owned by the Nature Conservancy. It's the only "alvar" landscape in New York State. And best of all, its wildflowers are in full bloom right now. David Sommerstein took a nature walk and sent this audio postcard.  Go to full article

A Rainy Paddle in the Ausable Marsh

The Ausable River flows from the Adirondack Mountains down into Lake Champlain. At its mouth, the river divides into winding channels. The Ausable Marsh, just south of Plattsburgh, is one of the wildest places on the lake. Brian Mann went on a solo paddle on a rainy Saturday and sent this audio postcard.  Go to full article
Bobbie and Bob Andrews in the barn.
Bobbie and Bob Andrews in the barn.

A Year on the Farm: Winter Doesn't Stop Chores

The North Country used to be a region of dairy farmers. Northern New York has lost hundreds of dairy farms since the 1980s. Still, dairy remains the biggest industry here and the cow remains a potent symbol. But fewer people know what dairy farming is all about. This year, David Sommerstein is going to try to demystify the dairy farm. Every month in 2006, we'll follow life in the barn, on the fields, and in the farmhouse through the changing seasons. In this first edition of A Year on the Farm, David takes us to the Andrews farm in the town of Fowler, outside Gouverneur, for the basic chores that go on year-round - milking, feeding, and bedding.  Go to full article

Three Lakes, Two (Beaver) Dams, and a Carry: A Paddle Postcard

The end of the year is a time for looking back. And one major thing that happened this year at the station was that we got a new reporter, Gregory Warner. He had only been here a couple of months when he set out with Brian Mann to explore the Whitney Wilderness. It was Gregory's first time in a canoe, a fact he wasn't able to keep secret for long...  Go to full article

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