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Bounty at the Canton Farmers' Market. Photo: David Sommerstein
Bounty at the Canton Farmers' Market. Photo: David Sommerstein

Farmstands, CSAs, farmers' markets bursting with flavor

It's the peak of the harvest season in gardens around the region. Amy Ivy joins Todd Moe for an update on what's coming out of the garden, on late blight and some tips for buying large quantities of produce from growers. Also, it's time to celebrate the harvest with market and local food festivals.

Amy Ivy is a horticulturist for Cornell Cooperative Extension of Clinton and Essex Counties, and talks about gardening each Monday on NCPR.  Go to full article
Harvesting. Photo: <a href="">woodleywonderworks</a>, cc <a href="">some rights reserved</a>

In the garden: what's ready, and what's not

So, when is that tomato ready to pick? What about the onions? Green or red peppers? Cornell Cooperative Extension horticulturist Amy Ivy shares ideas on when to pick some favorite garden produce in her weekly chat with Martha Foley.  Go to full article

Heard Up North: an old fashioned corn harvester

The late Roger Huntley was a lot of things: auctioneer, farmer, pillar of the Pierrepont-Crary Mills community. He was also a knowledgeable collector of historic farm equipment, and he liked to share his enthusiasm.

A few years ago, Huntley's neighbor, David Sommerstein, got a call that Roger and his wife Ann had brought out their early-1900s mechanical corn harvester to make corn bundles for Halloween with their granddaughters. Here's David's heard Up North from October 2007.  Go to full article
Kids decorated rutabagas at the "Mr. 'Bagahead" table at last year's festival. (photo: Adk Harvest)
Kids decorated rutabagas at the "Mr. 'Bagahead" table at last year's festival. (photo: Adk Harvest)

In Keene, the rutabaga rules

It'll be all things rutabaga on Sunday in Keene. Not even a tropical storm could keep this Adirondack community from celebrating the obscure vegetable. The 4th-annual Great Adirondack Rutabaga Festival was supposed to be held last month, but flooding forced organizers to put the event on hold until the community could recover. Laurie Davis, Adirondack Harvest coordinator, says the festival, one of only two in the country, was the idea of former Adirondack Harvest board chair Tom Both.  Go to full article

Celebrating the harvest with a picnic

It's harvest season and you're invited to GardenShare's annual picnic in DeKalb Junction on Saturday. Food, games and music are all part of the event. GardenShare will also present its Growing Community Award to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Canton's UShare Project, which donates locally grown veggies to food pantries. Todd Moe spoke with Sarah Bentley-Garfinkle, one of the co-organizers of Saturday's GardenShare picnic.  Go to full article

Another list of garden chores

Martha Foley and horticulturist Amy Ivy talk about more garden chores, after most of the fall harvest is completed.  Go to full article
Peter Paquin inspects this year's harvest.
Peter Paquin inspects this year's harvest.

Cranberries, a hidden bumper crop in Brasher Falls

The next time you bite into a cranberry muffin, drink some cranberry juice, or set out cranberry sauce on Thanksgiving, you may actually be supporting North Country agriculture. The signature crop of New England, cranberries, actually thrive in the flat lands of the St. Lawrence River valley, right near the Akwesasne Mohawk reservation. David Sommerstein visited the North Country's only commercial cranberry bogs.  Go to full article
Bob Andrews and his corn harvester.
Bob Andrews and his corn harvester.

A Year on the Farm, revisited: the harvest, finally

Two years ago, David Sommerstein spent a year reporting from Bob Andrews' dairy farm in St. Lawrence County. He wanted to learn what farmers did day-to-day, month-to-month. But about this time of the year, he missed the corn harvest. Well, it took awhile, but David made it to this year's harvest, a challenging one at that, for A Year on the Farm, revisited.  Go to full article
Lise Secours enjoys Thanksgiving with her family, including grandson Emerick, at The Branch in Kemptville, ON.
Lise Secours enjoys Thanksgiving with her family, including grandson Emerick, at The Branch in Kemptville, ON.

Giving thanks in Canada

Families may pick different days to gather over the weekend, but today is the official Thanksgiving holiday in Canada. On Sunday, The Branch Restaurant in Kemptville, Ontario welcomed all comers for their second annual free Thanksgiving community dinner as a benefit for the local Salvation Army Food Bank. For transplanted Americans, holding Thanksgiving ahead of Halloween takes a lot of getting used to. But Ottawa correspondent Lucy Martin was only too happy to show up and sample the fare. Branch Chef Bruce Enloe talked about what's different and what's the same while getting ready to feed his adopted home town.  Go to full article
The 1923 Farquhar Steamer in Madrid, NY
The 1923 Farquhar Steamer in Madrid, NY

Heard Up North: An Iron Horse for the farm

A hundred years ago, steam power was used on farms during the fall harvest. Black steam engines on massive steel wheels traveled from farm to farm. They belched smoke, hissed steam and drove belts typically attached to threshers and choppers. This antique farm equipment is rare today. Over the weekend, the St. Lawrence Power and Equipment Museum held its annual Old Fashioned Harvest Days. It featured lots of old tractors, engines, and fieldwork demonstrations. Today's "Heard Up North" is the museum's resident 1923 Farquhar Steamer.  Go to full article

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