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"As the world keeps turning..." Photo: Mitchell Joyce
"As the world keeps turning..." Photo: Mitchell Joyce

Comptroller DiNapoli says start saving your kid's college $ now

The State of New York wants you to remember that it's never too early to be thinking about your children's education. This week, the State Comptroller's office is pushing their 529 College Savings plan, which lets someone invest money in an account that's tax deductible.  Go to full article

Dan Zanes: "handmade" family music

A musical event for families comes this weekend to the Higher Ground in Burlington. Grammy award-winning musician Dan Zanes and his band have two shows of music for all ages this Sunday, one at noon, one at 3 pm.

Zanes is celebrating the 10th anniversary of his groundbreaking children's album, "Rocket Ship Beach."

Zanes had a pop music career in the late 1980s as a member of the band the Del Fuegos. Then, in 1994, his daughter was born. He told David Sommerstein he was looking for music to share with her but couldn't find what he was looking for.  Go to full article

Music making that is child's play

A program that combines music and movement for youngsters begins its 14th year in the Canton-Potsdam area this month. Music Together brings parents, caregivers and toddlers together and uses informal playtime to learn rhythm and song. The goal is to use music to enhance development and make music a part of a child's everyday experiences. Music Together is an early childhood musical program that began nearly 20 years ago. But its concept seems timeless. For ages, parents have found that a pot and a wooden spoon make a beginning percussionist out of any child. Todd Moe has this profile.  Go to full article
From left, Trent, Keith, Kyle, and Leisa Doney, and Joni Brown
From left, Trent, Keith, Kyle, and Leisa Doney, and Joni Brown

When both parents go to war, pt.1: The Doneys

Fort Drum's 3rd brigade begins deploying to Afghanistan next week. Almost 5,000 soldiers will spend a year protecting the area south of the capital, Kabul, and the mountainous border region with Pakistan. The 10th Mountain Division troops are the first of a surge in U.S. forces in Afghanistan. Life can be tough for any family when one adult deploys to a war zone. But what happens when both mom and dad go at the same time? Generally, the children stay with grandparents or other relatives. But some families have to get creative. David Sommerstein has the first of two profiles of families based at Fort Drum.  Go to full article
Carmen Blackmore's spent years pursuing a degree because the military relocates her husband often.
Carmen Blackmore's spent years pursuing a degree because the military relocates her husband often.

Military spouses struggle with careers

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are putting great stress on military families. Repeat deployments and the threat of injury or death are forcing some to rethink their commitment to the armed forces. But the military's been struggling to retain its best and brightest for decades. Part of the problem is the trouble soldiers' spouses have in pursuing their own careers. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Local Families Open Homes

An Alexandria Bay resident is organizing local homeowners to take in families left homeless by Katrina. Jane Aiken formed Operation H.O.S.T.--that stands for Helping Others Survive Tragedy - last Friday. She's got 16 families so far, offering to take in 40 people. She spoke with Gregory Warner.

Her number is 315-482-3970. Operation H.O.S.T. has an organizational meeting tonight at 7:30. That's at the Dutch Reform Church on Church Street in Alexandria Bay.  Go to full article

Commentary: A Lament for Large Families

To commentator Paul Willcott, large families seem to be rather uncommon these days. In a world of diminishing resources, he finds that to be a good thing. But he misses some things about the full houses of yesterday.  Go to full article

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