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News stories tagged with "economic-development"

A sapbucket at Newton's Sugarbush. Photo: Todd Moe
A sapbucket at Newton's Sugarbush. Photo: Todd Moe

Loans up to $40,000 available for NC maple producers

Many North Country Maple producers can now tap into a new loan fund to help them increase the amount of syrup they produce. The Development authority of the North Country, or DANC, set up the program after several studies showed most maple trees in the area aren't being tapped. That means producers are missing out on a lot of potential revenue. Nora Flaherty has the details.  Go to full article
It would be engineering jobs as well as blue-collar manufacturing jobs.

Canadian company's move to Ogdensburg could bring 220 jobs

It looks like the Canadian contractor General Propulsion will likely be moving its corporate headquarters to Ogdensburg.

The Ottawa-based company has manufactured products for military and civilian uses. But it's looking to work with the US Military, which places restrictions on foreign contractors.  Go to full article

Details emerge as regional economic council meets

The western New York Regional Council held its first public meeting in Buffalo yesterday. It's one of 10 councils the Cuomo Administration has set up in a new regional approach to economic development.

The North Country council is co-chaired by Clarkson University president Tony Collins, and Garry Douglas, president of the North Country Chamber of Commerce based in Plattsburgh. The meeting yesterday provided a glimpse into how this new initiative will work.  Go to full article
We want plans that work...We want plans that actually produce jobs and keep people here.

Cuomo: Regional Economic Development Councils will be awarded on merit

Governor Cuomo was at SUNY Potsdam Thursday afternoon, announcing the launch of the North Country's "Regional Economic Development Council".

He's been traveling the state all week with similar announcements; The councils are intended to help boost New York's regional economies by setting up competition for pieces of a $200 million job-creation grant.

Karen DeWitt was at the announcement earlier today in Schenectady, and she filed this report:  Go to full article

Gov Cuomo outlines jobs plan

Governor Cuomo notched a series of political wins in his first six months in office: an on-time budget, a property tax cap, union concessions, and legalization of same sex marriage. This week, he outlined his next big push, outlining an aggressive plan to reinvent state government. WRVO's Dave Bullard reports that the effort boils down to one word: jobs.  Go to full article
Artist's rendering of the new facility (Source: Laurentian Aerospace)
Artist's rendering of the new facility (Source: Laurentian Aerospace)

Aircraft maintenance facility delayed

Financing complications have stalled a project that could bring 900 jobs to the Plattsburgh area. Canada-based Laurentian Aerospace says work could resume in three weeks on the aircraft maintenance it's building at the Plattsburgh airport.  Go to full article
Is developer Michael Foxman's vision realistic?  (File photo:  Brian Mann)
Is developer Michael Foxman's vision realistic? (File photo: Brian Mann)

Tupper Lake resort faces deep skepticism in business community

For seven years, developer Michael Foxman has been promising to build a massive new resort in Tupper Lake, worth roughly $500 million.

He's hoping to win final approval for the project from the Adirondack Park Agency this fall.

Many community leaders have embraced his vision as a way to revive a former logging and manufacturing town that lost seven percent of its population over the last decade.

But an investigation by North Country Public Radio, in partnership with the Adirondack Explorer magazine, found that significant doubts remain about the economic viability of Foxman's resort.

Over a period of weeks and dozens of interviews, we found that important questions remain unanswered about how the resort will be financed and marketed.

As Brian Mann reports, it's unclear when the project's elaborate infrastructure and amenities, including those at the Big Tupper ski area, will be built.  Go to full article
Can Michael Foxman realize his vision for Tupper Lake?
Can Michael Foxman realize his vision for Tupper Lake?

Big Tupper resort: more on the money questions

The story reported above by Brian Mann, in cooperation with the Adirondack Explorer, looks hard at the financial underpinnings of the big luxury resort project proposed for Tupper Lake several years ago. It raises complicated questions and concerns still on the table as the Adirondack Park Agency prepares for its final review, and decision.
Martha Foley spoke further with Brian this morning about the skepticism he found, and why these questions matters.  Go to full article

Do incentives really work?

New York relies heavily on perks like tax breaks to induce businesses to come or grow here. According to a study by the Fiscal Policy Institute, the state handed out more than $5-billion in tax incentives last year alone. But as the Innovation Trail's Zack Seward reports, business groups say structural changes are needed if New York wants to boost economic development.  Go to full article
The long term decline of upstate New York... did not happen because we did not have good economic development programs.

Luring jobs Upstate: the history of the incentive

In his budget speech Tuesday, Governor Cuomo made clear the deep cuts he proposes are only a short-term fix. The long-term answer to New York's fiscal crisis, he said, is economic development.

New York's economic development strategy is in a state of flux. Empire Zones of the Pataki-era are yielding to regional economic development councils proposed by Andrew Cuomo.

But for decades, incentives and perks have been the main way to attract companies to do business in New York. The Innovation Trail's Emma Jacobs reports on that history.  Go to full article

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