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These bear paws were seized from an Asian market in Brooklyn last year (Source:  NYS DEC)
These bear paws were seized from an Asian market in Brooklyn last year (Source: NYS DEC)

New law regulates North Country trade in black bear parts for Asian markets

When black bear hunters head back into the woods this fall, they'll face new regulations that require them to document any parts of the animal that they plan to sell.

The new law went into effect this year. It's designed to help state and Federal officials crack down on black bear poaching.

It's still legal for hunters in New York to sell bear parts for use in Asian medicine and cooking, but the trade will be much more closely monitored.

Brian Mann has our story.  Go to full article

Book review: a primer on Asian religions

Our book reviewer, Betsy Kepes, was never quite sure how karma differed from dharma or what tradition used the yin-yang circle. She found some answers in a book by a retired minister and religious studies professor from Canton. She reviews Wade Wheelock's Considering the Asian Religions, A Guide to Understanding, Evaluating and Appreciating.  Go to full article

Local Relief Effort Gains Momentum

Over a week after an earthquake and tsunamis devastated areas of South Asia, India and Africa, the international relief effort is massive. Martha Foley talks with Cynthia Walton-Leavitt, pastor of the United Presbyterian Church of Sackets Harbor, about a local project that combines symbolism with small-scale practicality.  Go to full article

Churches, Agencies Mobilize for Tsunami Relief Effort

North Country churches and relief agencies are mobilizing their resources for both short- and long-term aid for the countries in South Asia and East Africa devastated by Sunday's tsunami and earthquake. David Sommerstein reports.  Go to full article

Living with uncertainty at Fort Drum.

David Sommerstein reported on the first deployments to Central Asia in October.  Go to full article

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