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Dredging PCBs at the Former Reynolds Site

Above: The dredging site at the former Reynolds plant near Massena , NY. Steel walls separate the dredging area from the rest of the St. Lawrence River. The yellow lines in the water are silt curtains that isolate the area of highest PCB contamination.

Listen to Great Lakes Radio Consortium's Karen Kelly report on the challenges of dredging PCBs form the St. Lawrence river. (4:38)

Left: The Environmental Protection Agency's Project Manager Anne Kelly stands outside her trailer/office at the dredging site.

Listen to NCPR's David Sommerstein interview Anne Kelly. (8:13)

Left: A crane dunks a dredging bucket into the waters of the St. Lawrence.

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To learn more about pollution hot spots and remediation programs, go to the EPA Superfund website.

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