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Readers may recall the Bixi bike share system in cities like Ottawa and New York City. Despite Bixi’s slew of financial and managerial problems, a recent press release suggests continued support for that form of rented transportation...
Bruce Heyman is now fully installed and beginning his official work as the newest U.S. ambassador to Canada. Speaking to the Globe and Mail, Heyman said the much-debated Keystone XL pipeline project is important, but there’s far more to the...
Broad results of Monday’s provincial election in Quebec are quite clear: the Liberal Party, lead by neurosurgeon Philippe Couillard, has won a solid majority government. The Parti Québécois, now reduced to the role of official...
On March 5th Quebec Premier Pauline Marois triggered an election that concludes Monday, April 7th. Of course speculation about results is just that until the polls close and all the votes are tallied. But most observers think Marois either...
The price of stamps here in Canada has gone up, as of March 31st. It’s a pretty hefty hike. A first-class stamp was $0.63. Now that’ll cost $0.85 – if purchased as a book or roll. The cost of just one first class stamp? $1.00. The...

Community Calendar Events:

Apr 23, 2014 — Residents in Ontario called police when they spotted a bear bumbling down the street. It was unable to see where it was going because of a large birdseed jar stuck on its head.
Apr 19, 2014 — Canadian jazz saxophonist Christine Jensen has begun using a full "jazz orchestra" of up to 18 players, opening new horizons for her. NPR's Arun Rath speaks with Jensen about her new album, Habitat.
Apr 17, 2014 — Also: Oklahoma's same sex marriage ban is back in court; a Canadian teen is arrested for theft and exploiting the Heartbleed computer flaw; and a New Jersey dog receives a jury summons.

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Raw milk. Photo: <a href="">RyanisHungrye</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved
Raw milk. Photo: RyanisHungrye, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Raw milk advocate will appeal Ontario ruling to highest court

ONTARIO A farmer who has spent two decades fighting for the right to sell unpasteurized milk is pledging to take his case to the country's highest court.

The Ontario Court of Appeal ruled against Michael Schmidt yesterday in his appeal of his conviction for breaking public health laws.  Go to full article
Archive Photo of the Day: Stephen Diehl, Antwerp, NY

Winter storm will blanket the whole region starting tomorrow morning

A major late winter snowstorm is expected to blanket the region over the next two days. Heavy snowfall and windy conditions will make travel hazardous in many areas.

Up to ten inches can be expected in parts of NY, and a similar amount in southern Ontario. Parts of Vermont can expect up to 20 inches of new snow.  Go to full article
Image: <a href=""></a>

Ontario writer Wayne Grady's novel explores race, deception

Kingston writer Wayne Grady grew up in a white working class family in Windsor, Ontario. Years later, while researching his family's history, Grady discovered that his father had grown up as the youngest son of a black working class family in Windsor. Grady's novel, "Emancipation Day," imagines his father's secrets and deceptions on his journey from black to white.  Go to full article
Emerald ash borer. Photo: Univ. of Kentucky

Ontario will roll out invasive species plan today

ONTARIO Natural Resources Minister David Orazietti is set to make an announcement today about fighting invasive species in the province.

Last year, environmental...  Go to full article

Fire at Cornwall hazardous waste facility; plant handles PCBs

CORNWALL, Ont. - Firefighters are battling a blaze at a hazardous waste facility in east-end Cornwall, Ont.

The fire started early Monday afternoon at Material...  Go to full article
A train of oil tankers. Photo: <a href="">Russ Allison Loar</a>, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Northern NY officials eye safety of oil trains

ELIZABETHTOWN, N.Y. (AP) Northern New York officials are reviewing their disaster plans in response to a dramatic increase in rail shipments of highly volatile crude oil from...  Go to full article
Teacher and author Joy Forbes in her Montreal '76 Olympic jacket. Photo: Lucy Martin

An Ottawa teacher and author's memories of the Montreal '76 games

Athletes star at the Olympic Games; after years of training, it's their time to shine. But it also takes a small army of volunteers and workers to make each Olympics a...  Go to full article
Skaters throng the Rideau Canal Skateway in Ottawa during Winterlude. Photo: Sarah Harris

A postcard from Winterlude

In Canada's capital, winter is something to celebrate. Every year, visitors and locals alike take to Ottawa's famous frozen canals. The Rideau skateway: really an urban,...  Go to full article
Colin Goodfellow (right) serves up hot cocoa to NCPR's Barb Heller and Lucy Martin along the Rideau Canal on Saturday. Photo: Todd Moe

A Winterlude interlude along Ottawa's Rideau Canal

Ottawa's National Capital Commission (NCC) has embarked on multi-year project along the Rideau Canal to attract more skaters, strollers and cyclists in the winter and summer...  Go to full article
Sarah Finn, John Ng, Drew Moore.  Photo: GCTC/Andrew Alexander

Theatre Review: "This Is War" at the Great Canadian Theatre Company

"This is War" by Canadian playwright Hannah Moscovitch, at the Great Canadian Theatre Company through Feb. 23, takes a bleak and uncompromising look at individual soldiers...  Go to full article

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