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Special Reports

Audio Series
StoryCorps in the North Country: North Country residents have shared their stories with this national oral history project during visits to the region in 2006 and in 2008.
Audio Series
Looking for the North Country
NCPR and TAUNY, Traditional Arts of Upstate New York, spent October 2000 exploring the place, the people and the culture we call the North Country.
Country Schoolhouse
Audio Play:
No Bigger Than a Piano Box: a North Country Schoolhouse in 1893
By historian Betsy Kepes. Based on the 1893 diary of a North Country schoolteacher. A Women's History Month special. Teacher's guide and CD available.
Audio Slideshow:
Finding the North Country
A new exhibit at TAUNY (Traditional Arts in Upstate New York) tells the story of North Country life with pictures. Finding the North Country: Stories of Local Life Through Photographs revisits the theme of North Country identity explored in the 2000 radio collaboration "Looking for the North Country." The photographs will remain on display through November 25, 2006.
Multimedia Series
Meet the Masters of North Country Folklife
Profiling people who have mastered and conserved a variety of family and community traditions over several generations in the North Country and who actively practice them today. Together, they exemplify a living history of our North Country and a way of life otherwise often difficult to explain. An ongoing project of Traditional Arts in Upstate New York (TAUNY).
Audio Series
Living North Country: Essays on Life and Landscapes in Northern New York, edited by Neal Burdick and Natalia Singer at St. Lawrence University, recently became available in bookstores. We invited several of the contributing authors into the NCPR studio to record excerpts in their own voices.
Writing Contest
The Writing Contest for Young and Adult Writers
The Adirondack Center for Writing and North Country Public Radio offer a literature award to regional writers. The Writing Contest is held biennially. We will offer prizes in two genres per session; this year (2005-2006) the genres are nature writing and memoir.
Audio Novel
Eben Holden: A Tale of the North Country
This three-hour NCPR production of Irving Bacheller's timeless tale of the North Country, the 1900 bestseller Eben Holden, features many local voices and talents.
The globe, made by craftsmen at Jeffords Steel in Potsdam. Photo: Sarah Harris
The globe, made by craftsmen at Jeffords Steel in Potsdam. Photo: Sarah Harris

Listen: front yard sculpture garden

Piece by piece, Greg Caron has transformed his Winthrop front yard into a park.

The wide, sprawling lawn is dotted with picnic tables, a big steel globe, a polar bear, the Virgin Mary, a soldier's monument, and more.

Caron says he welcomes visitors.  Go to full article
Jose Fernandez holds a small salmon he caught in a creek in Pulaski. He's been fishing in the area for 30 years. Photo: Joanna Richards

Salmon, and fishermen, school in Pulaski

Each fall, thousands of salmon swim upstream along the Salmon River and nearby creeks, trying to return to the state's Salmon River Fish Hatchery in Altmar, where they were born.

The fish head home to spawn. But they face a gauntlet of fisherman in the waterways around Pulaski, drawn by the fishes' large sizes and numbers.

In this Heard Up North, Joanna Richards spoke with local Pulaski resident and 30-year-fisherman Jose Fernandez along a small stream, where he was stalking salmon and escaping the crowd.  Go to full article
Governor Cuomo unveils "Texting Zones" along NYS Thruway and highways. Photo: <a href="">Gov. Cuomo's office</a>

The Eight O'clock Hour, 9/24/13

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the state Thruway plans to offer more places to pull over and use cell phones. Cuomo also says he will support a November ballot referendum to allow new gambling casinos in NY. Also: what if we've adopted planning and zoning rules that are making neighborhoods and downtowns less appealing? Randall Arendt, conservation design planner and writer on rural development, speaks with Brian Mann.

In the town of Essex, 41 malnourished horses have been seized by the county's Animal Cruelty Task Force. At a seminar in Perth, Ontario, Phil Laflamme talks with Lucy Martin about what it takes to do beekeeping without accidentally making the bees' situation worse.

And today's Heard Up North captures an impressive visual guide to the small farms in our region. The display was set up at last weekend's Farm Aid in Saratoga Springs.  Go to full article
Peace Paper Project's Hollander beater at the first Panty Pulping workshop in 2012. Photo: Margaret Mahan.

Listen: Underwear advocacy

The definition of "artistic expression" is often stretched to include the obscure. But even if we try to think outside the box, rarely do we think of undergarments as a...  Go to full article
Captain William Swenson, pictured during his 2009 deployment to Afghanistan with the Army's 10th Mountain Division, will receive the Medal of Honor for his actions during combat there. Photo provided by Fort Drum

The Eight O'clock Hour, 9/18/13

Ogdensburg City Hall was packed yesterday with people who are against a proposal to close the St. Lawrence Psychiatric Center. The federal budget sequester might mean more...  Go to full article
Walter Shyne is in his last season at the Canton Farmer's Market. Photo by Sarah Harris

Listen: A good run

It's the end of the growing season, and farmers are in their final weeks of big business. It's also the peak of apple season.

For Walter Shyne of J & W Orchard in...  Go to full article

The Eight O'clock Hour, 9/11/2013

For today's Heard Up North, Walter Shyne of J & W Orchard in Norfolk reflects on his retirement.

State officials attempt to channel a rancorous public debate...  Go to full article
Photo by Jennifer Herrick

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What did you want to be when you grew up? Imagine sitting down with your four-year-old self today and telling him or her about your future. Would that child be surprised?...  Go to full article
Hoff the Harmonica Case Man in action. Photo: Meredith Coeyman

Listen: Hoff the Harmonica Case Man

You never know what there are world records for. David Sommerstein bumped into a man at the Saturday farmers market in Burlington who's sure he has the most harmonica...  Go to full article
"Island Dave" is a familiar, friendly face around the city of Brockville's islands on the St. Lawrence. Photo: David Sommerstein.

Listen: 'Island Dave' has the job you want in the Thousand Islands

Whether it's the Adirondacks or the St. Lawrence River, everyone's getting in their last licks of summer this week.

The city of Brockville owns 16 park islands on...  Go to full article

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