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Feb 7, 2014 — Communication breakdowns can be fatal for firefighters, but are all too easy when crews are shrouded in smoke and a blaze is moving fast. Florida, with its millions of acres of forest and grassland, has rolled out a new system that can pinpoint crews without relying on voice communication.
Jul 18, 2013 — Over the past decade, fires in the American West have grown in intensity and size. "We're on a growth trajectory that is very scary," says one fire tracker. "And if we think it's expensive and dangerous now, we're just now seeing the very beginnings of how big this problem is going to be very soon."
Jul 7, 2013 — Writer and photojournalist Michael Kodas says forest management, climate change and growing population complicate fire fighting.
Jun 14, 2013 — The fire that is being called the most destructive in the history of Colorado is now 30 percent contained. But 400 houses have been destroyed in the blaze.
Jun 13, 2013 — Around 360 homes near Colorado Springs had been destroyed by midday Thursday. The wildfire there is one of several burning across the state. Two bodies were recovered Thursday in the burn area of the Black Forest fire near the city.

Special Features

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Protecting the Tug Hill Plateau: Fish Creek
Last summer, New York State, the Nature Conservancy, and a Boston-based timber company announced a plan to preserve 45,000 acres of forest on the Tug Hill Plateau. David Sommerstein visited the “East Branch of Fish Creek Working Forest” to see how the plan is shaping up.
Photo Audio Essay
Discovering Adirondack Old Growth Forest
The Adirondacks are home to some of the East's largest Old Growth Forests. Martha Foley talks with a naturalist who spent part of this summer finding the towering trees.
Audio Series
Green Initiatives
Brian Mann reports on businesses in the Adirondacks that are embracing private sector green initiatives. It's a new kind of management that weds profits with a healthy environment.
Part of a 47-foot mural painted for the school's centennial by alumnus Barry Nehr. It's on display this weekend. Photo: Todd Moe
Part of a 47-foot mural painted for the school's centennial by alumnus Barry Nehr. It's on display this weekend. Photo: Todd Moe

Preview: Forestry Festival in Wanakena

A century of life in the woods is the theme of the Forestry Festival at the Ranger School in Wanakena this weekend. The school is celebrating its centennial. Todd Moe spoke with director Christopher Westbrook about the festival.  Go to full article
Sequoias can top 300 feet. Photo: <a href="">henryalien</a>, CC <a href="">some rights reserved</a>

Natural Selections: Tree growth

Trees may live for hundreds, thousands of years, but there are limits on their growth. Trees can only move so much water, and only to a certain height. Martha Foley and Dr. Curt Stager discuss the hydrology of trees.  Go to full article
Research station Director Michael Farrell checks out a state-of-the-art boiler. His faithful helper, Tug, looks on. Photo: Chris Morris, coutesy Adirondack Daily Enterprise

An early season at NC maple station

The Uihlein Sugar Maple Research & Extension Field Station in Lake Placid made its first batch of syrup last Thursday. Director Michael Farrell, who's been with the field station for seven years, says it was the earliest he's made syrup.

Crews started tapping trees at the 200-acre Uihlein Forest on January 31. That took about three weeks. Then, workers had to inspect the 60 miles of tubing that carries the sap from the trees to the sugar house.

Chris Morris joined Farrell for a tour last week. Farrell told him that mild temperatures have given area producers a jump start on the season.  Go to full article
Joanna Dean and Will Knight with a cross-section of a 154-year-old bur oak, cut to permit denser development despite protests from area residents.

Ottawa exhibit considers the "Urban Forest"

One city's relationship with trees is explored in a new museum exhibit in Ottawa.

Six moments in the history of an urban forest is the brainchild of...  Go to full article
A sapbucket at Newton's Sugarbush. Photo: Todd Moe

Loans up to $40,000 available for NC maple producers

Many North Country Maple producers can now tap into a new loan fund to help them increase the amount of syrup they produce. The Development authority of the North Country, or...  Go to full article
Photo: New York State DEC

Trees for Tributaries aids flood recovery

Close to 100 people braved the rain late last week to plant trees in communities along the AuSable River devastated by Tropical Storm Irene.

The Lake Champlain...  Go to full article
Emerald Ash Borer

Scientists hope to buy time for threatened ash trees

It's estimated there are about 8 billion ash trees in North America, and every one of them could be killed by a tiny invasive insect called the emerald ash borer. It was...  Go to full article

Natural Selections: Forest, old and new

There is actually more mature forest in the Northeast now than there was a century ago, but it is a very different kind of forest from the ancient pre-colonial woodlands. Dr....  Go to full article
Students learn the old ways of logging at the Adirondack Woodsman School.

Summer school, lumberjack style

The Adirondack woodsman is a North Country archetype - brawny, independent, deeply versed in the ways of the North Woods. There are still loggers working in the forests of...  Go to full article
Joe Orefice, mid-butchery. Photo: Kate Glenn

Farmers Under 40: A farmer and a teacher, too

Our Farmers Under 40 series continues throughout the summer. Today we have a profile of Joe Orefice, an assistant professor of forestry at Paul Smith's College.
...  Go to full article

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