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Disability Issues


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Mar 3, 2014 — In 2002, the Supreme Court banned the execution of the "mentally retarded." Monday the court is looking at the case of a convicted man who says Florida's definition of mental disability is too strict.
Feb 27, 2014 — One-third of people who have strokes when they're young struggle with disability and loss of independence nine years later, a study finds. About 10 percent of strokes hit people under 50.
Nov 28, 2013 — Most people know about advance directives for end-of-life care. But many don't know about a one-page form designed to let people who are very old or sick specify just how much medical care they want. It's signed by a physician, so it's got teeth. But some disability advocates say it may go too far for some people.
Nov 4, 2013 — Investigative reports from the Center for Public Integrity and ABC News concluded that the program "helped coal companies thwart efforts by ailing mine workers to receive disability benefits."
Oct 21, 2013 — The standard by which a felon is judged to be mentally competent to face execution will be reviewed by the U.S. Supreme Court. The court agreed Monday to hear a case involving a Florida man convicted of a 1978 murder; he has an IQ that's close to the state threshold.

Special Series Disability Matters: Find disability resources and links on this special page created for a Sound Partners collaboration between North Country Public Radio and North Country centers for independent living.

Cuomo says he'll make people with disabilities a priority this end-of-session

Governor Cuomo says he will make reform of the state's treatment of the disabled a major priority for the end of the legislative session, and plans to take his case "to the people" to convince the legislature. In Albany, Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article
They deserve human dignity. They deserve to be treated fairly.

NY moves to end abuse of people with special needs in state care

Governor Andrew Cuomo Monday announced a major reform package aimed at ending the abuse and neglect of people with disabilities in state care. Marie Cusick reports from Albany.  Go to full article
That’d be devastating. There’s a lot of vulnerable people, elderly people, people that are home-bound...

Federal Medicaid cuts threaten NY economy

A health care advocacy coalition reports cuts to federal Medicaid spending, now being considered in Washington, would cost New York more jobs than any other state.

Families USA also says the loss of government entitlement programs will hurt the state's most vulnerable populations.

The Innovation Trail's Emma Jacobs reports.  Go to full article

Disabilities advocates watch new leadership in Albany and Washington

There was a buzz across the community of people with disabilities when Gov. David Paterson was sworn in last year. And there were expectations that having a governor with a...  Go to full article

Gillibrand drafts bill to fix "broken system" and help vets get benefits

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is drafting legislation that she says will make it easier for veterans to get health benefits. Of the nearly 47,000 veterans in the North Country,...  Go to full article

A groundswell of support for legalizing medical marijuana in NYS

Sponsors of a bill to legalize the use of medical marijuana in New York say they are closer to passage than anytime before. Karen DeWitt reports.  Go to full article

Governor's plan would "dismantle" home health care system

Advocates for home health care are fanning out across the state to head off a proposal from Gov. Paterson to re-structure the way home health aides are paid. Rebecca Leahy,...  Go to full article

Hunger advocates push for more help

The operators of the state's food pantries and soup kitchens say they're still holding out hope that Governor David Paterson will increase welfare benefits. As Albany...  Go to full article
Volunteers test new voting machines

Testing voting machines to ensure everyone can vote

New Yorkers head to the polls a week from tomorrow. New voting machines will allow most people with disabilities to cast their ballot without assistance. On Friday,...  Go to full article

Workers call for more help at Sunmount

A group of nurses and other unionized workers rallied yesterday for more staff at Sunmount Developmental Center in Tupper Lake. The state-run facility is home to more than...  Go to full article

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