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Five Ponds Wilderness:

a Journey on the Bog River
and the Oswegatchie

Brian Mann & David Sommerstein

Listen to story. (12:36)

One of the classic Adirondack canoe routes begins near Tupper Lake and winds through the Five Ponds Wilderness toward Cranberry Lake. That section of the north country offers some of the most remote forests and rivers in the East. Two of our reporters, Brian Mann and David Sommerstein, made the trip earlier this month.

A stand of early spring
trout lilies growing
along the Oswegatchie.


One of the Adirondacks' prettiest wilderness cascades, High Falls is also one of the Oswegatchie River's best swimming holes.

A canoe rests on the shores of Big Deer Pond, a popular rest stop on the portage between Lowes Lake and the Oswegatchie.

A powerful windstorm in 1995 shattered parts of the Five Ponds Wilderness, creating a snarl of logs and branches that stretches for miles.