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Children's Letters to North Country National Guard Soldiers

Dear NCPR,

These are letters that my fourth grade class in Bloomingdale School has been writing to about 30 local soldiers sent into active duty since October. Many of them are friends or relatives of my students. The Bloomingdale School community is part of the Saranac Lake Central Schools. Our writing project helps the children feel like they can stay connected with the soldiers and be of help to their friends and family at this time.

Sincerely, Ms. Abbott-Jones


April 2, 2004

Dear Mike Mader,

How are you doing down there? Are you working a lot? Today is
April fools day. Marissa, Ashley and I are going to play a joke on our teacher. What are you doing today? Do you play some games down there? I am sorry I couldn't write sooner, it's just that I'm really busy, plus my dad's coming up here today. He lives in Maryland. His name is John C. Smith. Well I drew a picture for you. It's Easter things. I hope you like it. I really hope you can write back again. Well got to go. Bye!

Sincerely, Jazzmyn T.

P.S. Happy Easter.

Dear Uncle Mike,

I hope you're thinking of your family. Shawn, Scotty, Brand and me and your two sisters and your mother all miss you. We all want you to come home safe from Iraq and we wish you good luck.

Your nephew John and the other three

Dear Mike Mader,

How is it there? Its finally spring. We had some nice weather. So how are you doing ? Do you like it down there? I've been thinking about you. So what's your job? I am going to my friend Chelsea's house tomorrow. I am doing spring cleaning with my friend Kayla. We're going to listen to music. Do you miss your family?

Sincerely, Ashley

Dear Jim Law,

Finally it is spring and the snow is melting. Our spring vacation is tomorrow. We have no school for two weeks. Over spring vacation I will be spring cleaning and playing with my friend Ashley. I will miss you.

Your friend, Kayla Baker

Dear Eric Olson,

I hope you know how Garth is. If you don't he is fine. Evan is fine too. Your entire family misses you very much. my family hopes you come home safely.!

Sincerely, Shawnee

Dear Mr. Jeremy Nuggent,

How have you been doing? We just finished making the Erie Canal and we just finished our reports. Do you have any dogs, or cats,? We are still thinking of you. We miss you. My friend Ashley is coming to my house tomorrow and my friend Brook is coming to my house today.

Your friend, Chelsea

Dear Mr. Mike Canty,

Do you remember me, Dajon Buckley? You are John Premo's soldier to write to. John and I are best friends. I have a joke that I made up.

What do you get when you come across a cat and a dog?

( a catdog)

Sincerely, Dajon

Dear Jeremy Nuggent,

I hope you are safe in Iraq. My name is Cory. I am 9 years old and my birthday is February 9th 1994. When is your birthday? By the way I have a 14 year old brother named Dan, two sisters, Angie and April. Angie is 21 and April is 24. I have a dad named Tom and a mom named Debra. I have a dog named Stormy because we got him in the ' 98 ice - storm. He is a golden retriever. He can do tricks like shake and roll - over. Do you have a dog? If so what kind of breed is it? Like I said before I hope you stay safe in Iraq.

Sincerely, Cory

Dear Jim Law,

I hope you have not forgot about me. Everything is fine here. How are you? Is it a cool experience going to a different country? By the way I saw your son a couple days ago he was riding his bike. If you get the chance write back. Bye.

Your friend Ray

Dear Uncle Jimmy,

Guess what, I graduated from school!

April fools, did I get you?

The snow is mostly gone and you can see the grass. Easter's coming soon. Are you going to be here? Write me any time you can because I know how busy you are, and I'm hoping you and all the solders come home safely.

Love Kassandra

Dear Joe Fisher,

How is it up there? It is foggy up here and it keeps coming and going. But other than that its nice out. After tomorrow we have 2 weeks off. Well, bye.

Sincerely, Melody Hayes

Dear Joe Fisher,

I been thinking about you. What do you do at Iraq? Can you tell me please. I really really really miss you? Please remember me! I hope you have a good Easter. I hope you hear from your family on Easter.

Sincerely, Katlyne C.

Dear Eric Olsen,

How are you doing? I got a monkey with a chair stuck to it! April
Fools! My friend, Cody Wright, loves April 1, so I played a trick on him. Outside It's really foggy. Our class did a project on the Erie Canal. We had little horses and people. We had to pair up and wright on subjects of the Erie Canal. My report was 2 pages long. I'm going to North Carolina for Spring vacation. Come back healthy!!!!!!

Your Friend, Sam

Dear Mathew Zimmerman,

I like writing to you. My sister was in the Army but she hurt her
arm so she quit, I think. But now she has a baby ! I have five sisters all together. Hope you have a happy Easter!!! How are you and your family doing? By the way, my family is doing great. We are going to New Jersey for spring break!!!!!!!!!

Sincerely, Marissa S.


February 24, 2004

Dear Mike Mader,

I really wanted to write to you sooner, but I couldn't because I was too busy with work and homework and the E.L.A.s. Well, what is it like down there? Is it hot or cold? Well, got to go. Just writing to say hi and hear how you're doing. Bye.

Sincerely, Jazzmyn T.

Dear Uncle Jimmy,

I hope you are keeping yourself safe. And I just want to let you
know that I'm behind you all the way. I love you so much. But no matter what happens, I love you anyway. I'm turning 11 this year on May 9. Hope you have good luck down in Iraq. Don't tell any of our family members, but you're the best uncle in the whole world! I hope you have good luck this year and forever. Hope you can write back. Oh, Casey Reardon might ask you my address. You can tell him it. I love yah!

Your niece, Kailyn

Dear Uncle Jimmy,

Guess who! It's me, Kassandra! I was at Kailyn's picnic last year.
I just want to say good luck in Iraq. I miss you and still love you. Are you coming home for Valentines Day because I'm in the parade and if you're here I hope to see you again. I'll never forget you because your a great person. You can write me any time you can ok,because I know how busy you are. Bye.


Dear Uncle Mike Canty,

Your three nephews, John, Shawn, and Scott and your family all wish you good luck.
We all miss you.
We all hope you come home safe.

Your nephew, john

Dear Mike,

I am Dajon. I think you know John Premo, your nephew. I am John's friend. You're going to be my soldier that I write to. I hope you're safe in Iraq.

Sincerely, Dajon

Dear Mr. Joe Fisher,

Hi! How are you? Is it warm or snowing there? It is cold and snowing here. Are you coming home for Valentins day? If you do, I hope you have a good one.

Sincerely, Melody

Dear Mr. Joe Fisher,

Hi. How are you doing? Heard that you guys are going to Iraq. Pretty surprising, isn't it. I have been thinking about you for a long time. I hope you have a good time in Iraq. Have fun. Please have fun and remember me. I am 9 years old.

Sincerely, Katlyne C

Dear Erik Olson,

A couple of days ago, Garth went skiing. I dont now where, but he had fun. I hope you get to come home safely.

Sincerely, Shawnee

Dear Jim Norman,

I hear you're going to Iraq. I wish you the best of luck. My class and I hope all of the troops come back safely.

Your friend, Jack

Dear Matthew Zimmirman,

I hope you do a good job in Iraq. Hope you come back healthy. How is your family? I am 10 years old. My B-day was two months ago. Well, I hope you have a good time.

Your friend, Marissa S.

Dear Mr. Jeremy Nuggent,

I hope that you and everybody does a good job in Iraq. We are still thinking of you. I am 10 years old. I wish you were here
right now. We just finished our ELA tests. Good luck.!

Sincerely, Chelsea

Dear Eric Olsen,

Everything is o.k. here in Saranac Lake! It's almost Valentines Day, and our class is having a party. I can't go because I'm getting my braces tightened and I'll be in Plattsburgh for the day. An orchestra came to our school today. How is it in Iraq? How is your family doing? How are Garth and Evan doing?

Your friend, Sam

Dear Jeremy Nuggent,

I hope you stay safe in Iraq. I wish you luck on the trip to Iraq.
By the way, I'm Cory. I'm 9 years old, and my birthday is on February 9th. I hope you come home healthy.

Sincerely, Cory

Dear Casy Reardon,

I hope things are going ok down there. I have alot of respect for you guys down there. I'm behind you all the way. Hope you are
keeping your self safe. I'm turning 11 on May 9th this year .Good luck. Hope you can write back. If you don't know my addres ask my uncle Jimmy Law. Thanks so much.

Your friend, Kailyn

Dear Dustin Anderson,

Hope you remember me and I hope you're doing well. By the way, I am nine years old. I hope your family is doing well. Please come back healthy.

Sincerely, Tyler S.

Hi Jim Law,
We are proud of what you are doing for our country. We will miss you. I hope you will remember me. We hope you come back safe.

Your friend, Raymond