NCPR Home Art Without Borders: Carmen D'Avino
Carmen D’Avino began his career as a painter in the 1930s. He’s been a World War II military filmmaker, a sculptor, and an avant-guarde animator in New York City. He was even nominated for an Academy Award. For the past 15 years he’s lived in an old farmhouse in the St. Lawrence County town of Hammond. David Sommerstein stopped by for a visit and found a portrait of the creative process in action. Email this story to a friend!

2004 North Country Public Radio Online

Carmen D'Avino animated short films:

Pianissimo (Oscar nominee) QuickTime
6:01 (10.8 mB)
Background (Oscar nominee) QuickTime
(21.5 mB)
Motif QuickTime)
2:25 (4.0 mB)
The Weavers QuickTime)
2:28 (5.7 mB)
The Room QuickTime)
4:45 (5.1 mB)
A Finnish Fable QuickTime
5:31 (16.1 mB)
Minestrone QuickTime)
5:41 (11.1 mB)
The Big O QuickTime)
2:48 (5.7 mB)
A Trip QuickTime)
1:44 (12.8 mB)