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Close Encounters with the Adirondack Black Bear

Bear Mauls Inlet Woman: AP News

Close Encounters of the Furred Kind, 8/9-8/10/01

This summer, dozens of hikers in the Adirondacks have had close encounters with black bears. The animals are looking for picnic baskets, not prey, but state forest rangers worry that inexperienced campers could get hurt. In this two-part series, Brian Mann joined a hunt organized to identify and tag the most aggressive bears.

Part One (7:39) Part Two (6:10)


Bear Troubles in the Adirondacks, 7/27/01
Listen to story. (6:00)

The black bear problem continues in the High Peaks. A safe visit is still possible, but campers need good information and the proper equipment. Brian Mann reports.

Bears and Backpackers in Co-habitation
, 4/18/01
Listen to story. (5:55)

This summer, tens of thousands of hikers and campers will flock to the eastern High Peaks. Waiting for them will be a small group of aggressive black bears. The animals have learned to see campsites and backpacks as a prime source of food. Forest rangers say the risk of a life-threatening encounter is growing. Brian Mann reports.

For more information on bear safety try these Web sites: (search: bear)

Natural Selections: Black Bears, 6/14/01
Listen to conversation (3:29)
Martha Foley and Dr. Curt Stager discuss black bears on Natural Selections.